Bill Sargent, CPP

“My photography interests began while traveling the country as a teenager. I opened my first photography studio during the film days, at the age of 21. My focus was studio portraiture and freelance work. I was also the hometown newspaper photographer.

Today, more obsessed with the pursuit of creativity, artistry, and excellence than ever before, I present the best endeavor of my lifetime featuring the finest artwork products available in the industry. Light Painting fulfills this quest.

There is only a very, very small handful of professionals in the United States, and for the that matter, the world, doing Light Painting the way I am doing it. As best I can discern, I am by far the most anal, detail-possessed of the bunch.

Fueling my drive is my self-imposed designation as a life-long learner with a focus on wisdom, success, and the pursuit of excellence.

I am married to my angelic wife, Darlene. We have two awesome daughters, Kim and Jen. Together, they enjoy traveling, great food, reading, and outdoor recreation. Hot tubs and chocolate are very high on my list. “

Light Painting by Bill Sargent, CPP, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA,
serves all of Wisconsin and the Midwest. I am also available nationally and internationally.

Bill Sargent is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)
and a member of:
Professional Photographers of America (PPA)
Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association (WPPA)